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Child Visitation Attorney In Oklahoma City

Are you looking for an excellent child visitation attorney? Our Law Firm handles a variety of Child Visitation cases and looks forward to helping you with your case. There are many different complexities in child visitation cases and we are equipped and ready to handle them. Some of the different th
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White Collar Crime Attorney Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman – Reser Law

Have you recently been arrested for White Collar Crime in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond or a surrounding area? White collar crimes can also carry hefty prison time.  It is important that you get the best possible legal defense that you can get! Criminal Prosecutors must be able to prove witho
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DUI Attorney – Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Moore – Best DUI Attorney

Have you recently been pulled over and arrested for a DUI? It is extremely important that you get the best legal representation that you can possibly get for a DUI Case. OKC Criminal Defense Attorney is ready to be your DUI Attorney. Criminal Defense prosecutors must be able to without a shadow of a
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Best Divorce Attorney – OKC, Edmond, Moore & Norman

Are you currently seeking a divorce? Getting the right legal representation during a divorce case can be extremely important. There are a number of matters that may be at hand during a divorce such as, the sale of a home, alimony, child support, visitation, tax issues & more. If you don’t
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Hire Reser Law In Oklahoma City To Be Your Criminal Defense Attorney!

Have you recently been arrested? It is extremely important that you hire an attorney to get the best possible defense in your case. Whether it be a DUI, Drug Charge, Murder Charge, Sex Crime it is extremely important that you seek legal counsel.  Visit our Practice Areas page to learn more about how
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