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Frequently Asked Questions In The OKC Law Office Of Attorney Chris Reser. OKC Attorney Chris Reser is looking forward to helping you!Here are some different questions we receive in the OKC Law Office of Christopher S. Reser PC. Our OKC Law Firm is looking forward to meeting your legal needs in the near future.

How much does an attorney cost?

The price of attorneys varies greatly on the type of case you have.  Personal Injury Attorney’s and similar cases are usually paid out of the recovery of funds and usually a percentage of the final settlement after expenses are paid.  Criminal cases are usually priced as a flat fee and dependent on prior criminal history, difficulty of case and whether or not a case proceeds to trial or is negotiated.  Family and civil disputes other than personal injury are priced on an hourly basis with the client paying a retainer to the attorney’s trust account and once the retainer is used, the client replenishes the retainer.  Any unused portion is returned to the client upon the close of the case.

Do I need an attorney?

It is always advisable to at least meet with an attorney considering any legal matter you may face.  Our OKC Law Office offers an initial consultation for free on many legal topics such as Criminal Law, Civil Law, and other types of law.  If you have been charged with a crime you should never try to represent yourself. In fact, it is extremely rare that the Court will let you represent yourself.

Family Law

What if I don’t want a divorce but my spouse does?

This is more common that one would think.  Oklahoma is a no fault state meaning that if one party wants a divorce they can get one.  It would be beneficial to seek counseling while working with your lawyer on a positive outcome or at least one that is acceptable given the circumstances. Contact OKC Divorce Attorney/Family Attorney Chris Reser to get your case started.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

That depends on many factors: court schedules, attorney schedules, availability of parties and witnesses, the difficulty of the case and the ability of the parties to negotiate effectively.  Consult with an attorney to discuss the particulars of your case to get a better idea. OKC Divorce Attorney Chris Reser which also serves Edmond, Moore, Norman & surrounding areas stands ready to help! Contact our office today!

Criminal Cases

Will I have to go to Jail?

This depends on a lot of factors.  Of course, it is our goal to keep our clients out of jail and we have been very successful in doing so.  If that is a fear of yours, it is imperative that you make an appointment and speak with a criminal defense attorney right away.  Speaking with an attorney can be very calming and while no one can promise outcomes in any given case, having some knowledge about the process and given things that you can do can be very comforting. Contacting OKC Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Reser is an important first step to potentially avoiding jail.

Can you win or get me out of the charges?

Once a district attorney has filed charges it is almost impossible to get them to dismiss them.  Most often charges can only go away by defeating the prosecution at the preliminary hearing stage or getting a not guilty verdict from a jury.  It is imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney either before or right after charges have been filed.

But I’m innocent, why do I need an attorney?

If you are innocent then you definitely need an attorney to assist you in handling the case. Call the office of OKC Attorney Chris Reser to set up an appointment and begin to formulate a defense for your case.

Will this crime stay on my record?

It will for a while at least.  Depending on the outcome there are several options to resolving your case eliminating public records or at least limiting your exposure.  Your attorney should inform you of those things as you get close to working your case out.

Personal Injury

Do I need a personal injury attorney if I was involved in a car accident and was injured?

The short answer is no, but it is not advisable.  Statistics show that most often people obtain more for their injury who hired an attorney than those who did not even after the attorney fees.  Remember, it is the insurance company’s goal to pay out as little as possible. Contact Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reser for the representation that you need.

How do I get the medical companies to stop calling me on my medical debt that was a result of an accident that was not my fault?

Hire an attorney to define your rights in your personal injury case.

No matter what your question is, the legal system and process require an experienced, knowledgeable, and zealous attorney to define and defend your rights. Contact the law office of OKC Attorney Chris Reser today to set up a consultation 405-478-5655. OKC Attorney Chris Reser will be glad to help you.