Oklahoma attorney Christopher Reser is positioned to handle a wide variety of cases. Through his experience as a former battery commander in the Oklahoma City National Guard, and his extensive work as a guardian ad litem and mental health counselor, Christopher Reser is prepared to handle any case and be your trusted ally. We believe our skilled advocacy, diligent investigation, accessibility, legal experience and extensive knowledge of the legal process allows us to provide the best possible representation, regardless of what you are facing. At Reser Law, we have vast experience in both criminal and civil law cases, and we know how scary the legal process can be. Our team is here to be your counselor – contact us for a free legal consultation today.

Family Law

Family law involves various types of domestic cases including child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division, and debt division. It also encompasses paternity cases and can sometimes include business and criminal allegations. Reser Law has experience in all of these areas and is well positioned to handle any family law case.

Civil Litigation

Any case that covers civil disputes which are not domestic in nature. Common types of civil litigation cases include personal injury, property disputes, business disputes, and contract disputes, but there are many other types of civil litigation as well. Reser law is able to assist with any civil litigation case no matter the type.

Criminal Law

Most criminal cases in Oklahoma are filed and prosecuted by a representative of the state. These representatives include district attorneys and assistant district attorneys who work closely with local law enforcement officials. It is important to remember that you have the right to remain silent and should exercise that right until you have secured an attorney for your own representation. It can feel like you are the underdog when you are being investigated and charged with a crime, and it’s vital to work with an attorney who has experience in both negotiation and litigation. Our team has this experience and we are here to be your advocate no matter what charges you may be facing.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile law can be broken into two types of cases: a juvenile facing criminal charges as an adult or a child/children who are considered by the state to be abused or neglected. These cases can be lengthy to resolve, and many require an ancillary family law case. Our experience in juvenile law paired with our unique counseling experience positions Reser Law as an expert in this field.

Probates and Trust Litigation and Guardianships

Most cases can be handled easily through a specific court process, however often family members become involved and dispute the validity of a will. With any trust, pepper paperwork and setup of the trust is vital. Guardianship cases can include children and incapacitated adults, and can be emotional and difficult cases. At Reser Law, we have an understanding of not only the law but the emotions involved.


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Chris Reser is the absolute BEST lawyer in Oklahoma. He will go above and beyond for you, and make sure the case is closed in your favor! You want this guy on your side! He handles everything you could imagine and is the nicest and most understanding guy! Super professional, also super relatable. If you’re looking for an amazing lawyer that will get the job done, don’t look any further than Chris Reser!

- Client H
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There is nobody else I would go to for anything. He helped get my divorce taken care of and got me exactly what I needed for my kids. His assistant is amazing and goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is done, including coming to you to sign documents if you cant take off work. I’ve used Chris for almost 10 years now, and I wont use anyone else.

- Client R
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Chris is a competent, caring lawyer. He is thorough and invested in his clients. I would highly recommend him.

- Client M

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